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The Ocoee Massacre

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing..

edmunde burke

The Founding of Ocoee

The City of Ocoee was established around 1881 in Orange County, Florida adjacent to Starke Lake.   Starke lake was named after Dr, J. D. Starke.  "Dr. Starke, finding himself and many of his slaves stricken with malaria, moved out from the hammocks of Lake Apopka, and established his camp in the beautiful, open pine woods on the shores of the lake which still bears his name, Starke Lake. Here they were free from malaria Starke Lake was then known for its healing properties. 

in the year 1886. A real estate firm sprang into existence owned by Dr. H. K. Clarke, Chas. J. Chun, and R. B. F. Roper. it was then that The city of Ocoee was recorded.  This is also when Several families moved in and built some creditable homes, among them  General Wm. T. Withers. the Maguires, the Bigelows, The Minors, the Hawthorne's, The Pounds, Moores, & Eckles.   

Captain Bluford Sims also arrived in the settlement of Ocoee in 1881.  

July Perry Mose Norman and Vincent Hightowner also came to Ocoee from Travelers Rest South Carolina in 1886. 



Urban Life

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Gals & Pals

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Lost Soles

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Running Suits

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